Oxford Students Push for an Environmentally Conscious Portfolio

At Britain’s legendary Oxford College, students and administrators have rallied against a delay in administrative decision making. That delay is a landmark decision that would result in millions worth of divestment in fossil fuel producing companies. Oxford’s administration has been deliberating about divesting their capital in fossil fuel companies, and reallocating those funds to low carbon alternatives and environmentally conscience companies. In light of the recent protest, students believe that Oxford decision makers have taken too long.

We at Arizona Recycle support the Oxford Fossil Free campaign. Oxford manages an immense amount of capital, and a movement towards green investments would surely encourage others to follows suit. Amongst the protestors was the previous director of Finance, John Clements, who had this to say: “we are bitterly disappointed about the university’s failure to come to a decision. Oxford should be leading the movement away from investments in all world-destroying fossil fuels companies to more sustainable forms of energy.”

His statement is not without merit. A recent finding by the school itself indicated that oil firms have access to three times as much oil as the environment could possibly handle.

Many firms have already led the charge away from investment in fossil fuel companies that are deleterious to the environment. Amongst the pioneers are Stanford, the British Medical Association, and the Rockefeller brothers. If the trend in divestment becomes wide spread, history as we know it will be significantly altered. At Arizona Recycle, we believes it will be altered for the better.

Not only will the movement help preserve the environment, but it will also shake up the global distribution of wealth, and hopefully alleviate inequality. It is no surprise that oil conglomerates hold a significant piece of the capitol pie. Reducing their portion of wealth would be far from the worst thing to every happen.

Kerry Prepared to Speak at UN Climate Conference

Many consider John Kerry, Secretary of State, to be America’s guardian of the environment. He recently released this statement in March: “Climate change is one of the top challenges facing our world today.” Scientist predict that our earth is progressively heating up as a result of human exacerbation. At Arizona Recycles’ we support Kerry’s affirmation, whole heartedly.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris is amongst the most important meetings to take place this year for environmental sustainability. It is upon this platform that Kerry will make a call to action, “we have nine short months to come together around the kind of agreement which will put us on the right path. And if we fail, future generations should and will not forgive those who ignore this moment. Future generations will judge our effort, not just a policy failure but as a collective moral failure of historical consequence.”

Indeed, much is at stake at the conference in November. Wind energy will surely be a topic of discussion, a divestment trend in fossil fuel companies will also be. Moreover, an increased utilization of the “fifth natural resource” will be encouraged. This resource is energy efficiency, a collaborative effort of architects, public officials, builders, manufactures, and recycling providers like ourselves. Emphasizing the fifth sense is in no small part responsible for the immense energy savings that has taken place over the past thirty years. And as a result, for the first time in 40 years, carbon emissions have halted.

Victory is insight but by no means guaranteed. The halting of carbon emissions, the conference at Paris, and t global awareness as a result are all steps in the right direction. At Arizona Recycles’ it is our highest hope to watch the world remain hospitable for future generations. It is our end game indeed, and we move forward toward it, courageously.

Going Green with Arizona Recycles

Arizona Recycles understands that in a global economy, a global environmental policy is essential for business sustainability. We are all in this together. Although Arizona Recycles primarily services the city of Tucson’s needs, we understand that our recycling solutions affects people everywhere, present and future.
During the time it takes to read a single sentence, 50,000 12-ounce aluminum cans are produced. These cans don’t magically vanish into the atmosphere; in fact it takes thousands of years for an aluminum can to naturally pass into the environment again. If it weren’t for companies like Arizona Recycles, this world would be overcome by aluminum cans. Thankfully, we offer scrap metal services as a solution to this global problem. After all, someone has to protect mother earth, and make sure there is something to leave behind for the next generation.

If preventing the destruction of the planet is not enough incentive to recycle with Arizona Recycles, then cash ought to be. We give people the opportunity to put money in their pocket, just for protecting their mother earth.

The value Arizona Recycles provides extends far beyond the present need to keep the environment safe and ensure that natural resources will not deplete too quickly for human kind; our service is essentially valuable for the future. The aftershock of forces deleterious to the society are only felt far in the future. Like the Atlantic waves of Cape Cod rolling in the debris of England’s shores, the waves of today will surely break upon the future generation. That is why we pride ourselves as being more than just the “recycle people.” We are protectors of a good cause; we are protectors of future generations to come. It is said by environmentalist that children contribute only 10% of the world’s pollution, but are prone to 40% of global disease caused by pollution. At Arizona Recycles we rest easy at night knowing that we mitigate the damage of this unfortunate fact.

Metal Recycling 101

In 2008, 23% of all steel was recycled in the United States, amounting to 60 million metric tons! At Arizona Recycles, we are overjoyed to hear this statistic, given that we contributed to this impressive recycling effort. Conserving the environment has always been a goal since the genesis of Arizona Recycles. Metal recycling provides a disincentive against dumping seemingly useless metal objects into the environment; and this can upset the fragile balance of the ecosystem. Consumers procure our services for financial incentives, and indeed the sale of recycled metal is lucrative, and yet we find the greatest joy is that we can give something back to the global community while operating a successful, lucrative business.

How Metal Recycling Works

First off, metals must be sorted. This can be complicated and depends on the constitution of the metal, as well as the size of the metal. Scrap metal is then cleansed of impurities such as dirt or grime, and then exposed to volcanic temperatures to create a molten metal solution. During this step in the process different metals are added to manipulate the purity of the recycled metal, or other metals can be added to create alloys. The metals are then formed into various shapes: ingots, billets, slabs, or rods. Also, metals can be crushed into powder or transported in liquid form upon request from manufacturers.

The Money Cycle

Just as recycling is a cyclical process restoring mother earth with the nutrients she needs, the recycling business itself is a cyclical process. Money is paid out to collectors of scrap metal and the operations of metal recycling; and then money comes in from manufactures who are saving money by purchasing recycled metal. Recycled metal indeed keeps manufacture’s costs low, while sacrificing nothing in quality. Moreover, every member of this money cycle is contributing to the health of the environment, and promoting a future in which a habitable world is left behind.

Basic Home Metal Recycling Tips

Homeowners are recycling more items than ever before in today’s environmentally conscious world. From electronic goods to plastics and paper as well as light bulbs and virtually any other type of material imaginable, recycling is the new standard. In order to reduce trash and improve the environment homeowners are recycling copper, steel and aluminum on a regular basis. Here are a few simple tips and strategies for getting the most out of any copper, steel or aluminum recycling.

Other Types Of Aluminum Such As Aluminum Foil

For example, when recycling food cans it is always important to rinse the cans out thoroughly and carefully and remove labels and lids. This helps to expedite the recycling process. Equally important is to make certain that aluminum cans are not crushed prior to sending for recycling. Other types of aluminum such as aluminum foil and foil used in packaging can be recycled as well. In many instances various types of aluminum that are recycled is often used in the automotive industry to make engine components.

Copper Is A Favorite Among Recyclers

Aerosol cans and paint-cans may be recycled quite effectively. In many instances, however, these items are considered hazardous material and need to be maintained in a separate container from other types of metal. In the case where aerosol cans and paint cans are recycled the label should be left in place. This helps the recycling company to better classify items as hazardous material. Finally, copper is one of the most commonly recycled types of metals. Best of all, copper is a favorite among recyclers because it is 100% recyclable and can easily be used to make alloys such as brass or bronze.

More Items Than Ever Before Are Being Accepted By Recycling Companies

Equally impressive with regard to recycling copper is that it requires very little energy to process this type of metal. As compared to the energy needed to mine, mill and refined copper, recycling this particular metal is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective strategy for individuals, businesses and the planet. Recycling has much to offer in terms of helping the planet and in helping individuals make a little extra money. Best of all, more items than ever before are being accepted by recycling companies giving consumers greater flexibility when choosing to recycle items on a regular basis. Contact Arizona Recycles for Tucson recycling that is reliable and dependable.

Every Day Tips For Recycling A Wide Variety Of Metals

Recycling metal has become all the rage today is more and more people look for ways to help the environment and make money at the same time. With a little bit of effort, virtually anyone can make money by recycling many of the common metal items found around the home. From old cars to metal used in the manufacturing process and metal used for constructing a home, the possibilities are endless when choosing to recycle metal.

Organizing Metals That Have Been Collected

Best of all, those motivated to recycle a large amount of metal can collect metal from neighbors, the workplace and throughout the community in order to clean up the environment and make money. One of the first steps in earning extra cash with regard to recycling metal is in organizing metals that have been collected. Sorting metal into specific piles is the first step in preparing to take metal in for recycling.

Swing Sets And Stoves Can All Be Recycled

Individual piles of metal should be broken down into copper, brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel and even a pile for catalytic converters. Once all metal has been sorted it is then ready for delivery to the recycle center. A wide variety of metal items are commonly recycled today. This includes everything from old vehicles to water heaters and refrigerators as well as lawn furniture and washing machines. In addition heater cores, air conditioners, electrical cords, car compressors, stainless steel products and bicycles as well as swing sets and stoves can all be recycled today. Even lawnmowers, freezers and weed eaters as well as car rims can be recycled.

Simply Call The Recycler And Ask Questions

Finally, when recycling metal it is important to ensure that flammable or hazardous materials are not included in the recycling material being delivered. For example, propane tank should not be included in any recycling trip. Pipes, railroad tracks and metal items that contain oil or gasoline should also not be recycled. Any time there is uncertain as to what can be recycled it is best to simply call the recycler and ask questions. Many times a recycler may accept items that can be effectively drained of oil and gasoline. Whatever the case may be, talking with your recycler is always the best option. Contact Arizona Recycles today for Tucson scrap metal recycling that is profitable and good for the environment.

How Recycling Benefits Everyone In Today’s World

Recycling is a popular and important trend that simply cannot be overlooked in today’s modern world. In the simplest of terms, recycling allows everyone on a global scale to enjoy a better quality of life. Recycling is better for the earth and a smarter use of resources. Conservation along with the reduction of consumption of natural resources and the reduction of waste is a smart way to care for the planet.

Recycling Can Help Minimize The Negative Affect Of Global Consumption

Living in a more sustainable type world is one of the key benefits of recycling. Reducing the rate of consumption of the world’s natural resources while reducing pollution and minimizing global warming are all important key factors associated with recycling. Most importantly, recycling can help to minimize the negative affect of global consumption on the Earth’s ecosystem. Ensuring clean air, clean water and clean food is best achieved through smarter consumption and more effective recycling methods. Most importantly, recycling and greater awareness of the use of natural resources can result in a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

An Important Aspect Of Good Planet Stewardship

Reducing pollution means improved air quality and a cleaner environment in general. This equates to better health and better long-term viability for the human species. Not only is it important to maintain a clean environment for the current health and wellbeing of those occupying the planet today, it is also important for future generations. Building a healthier environment for our children and our children’s children is a key aspect of good planet stewardship. From large-scale mining that causes substantial pollution to deforestation and the destruction of wildlife, choosing to recycle can alleviate many of today’s modern problems.

Further This Essential And Necessary Modern Movement

Another aspect of the benefits associated with recycling is that it serves to lower costs. Those in the manufacturing industry can enjoy better productivity and better bottom-line performance by simply choosing to incorporate recycled materials into the manufacture of a wide range of modern products. Conserving energy and conserving natural resources and reducing the amount of electricity and water that is used in the manufacturing process is just as important as recycling. Finally, businesses large and small that support recycling are helping to further this essential and necessary modern movement. Contact Arizona Recycles today for reliable metal recycling in Tucson Arizona.

Why Metal Recycling Makes Such Good Sense


Metal recycling has been around for a long time, however many people today may not know the importance of this essential service offered by a variety of recycling companies. For example, metal recycling effectively recovers thousands of tons of various types of metals across the country each and every year. This is an important consideration that should not be overlooked with regard to the recycling “bigger picture.”


Reduce The Amount Of Waste Deposited In The Nation’s Landfills


In fact, recycling has become all the rage in recent years as more and more people jump on the bandwagon looking for ways to help improve environmental conditions. Best of all metal recycling can greatly reduce the amount of waste deposited in the nation’s landfills. In short, consistent and dedicated recycling of metal and other products serves to keep the environment clean and greatly reduces the use of natural resources. Metal recycling is a smart and effective way to make better use of resources that have already been mined and processed.


Not As Energy Intensive As The Original Mining


Another important consideration with regard to the recycling of metal is that it provides for substantial energy savings. Much of the original work, effort and energy that went into creating original metal pieces, components and parts is not required a second time when recycling metal. While there is some processing involved it is not as energy intensive as the original mining and manufacturing process. This is good news for the planet and great news for those looking for a more affordable solution when purchasing metal for manufacturing and other purposes. The recycling of various kinds of metals also greatly reduces greenhouse gases.


Recycling Simply Makes Great Financial Sense


Finally, the recycling of various types of metals as well as other materials provides increased revenue opportunities for businesses and municipalities. Recycling of virtually any type of material also allows for the creation of new jobs and new opportunities in communities. With so much to offer it is difficult to imagine not choosing to recycle metal and other materials in today’s modern world. Recycling simply makes great financial sense and smart sense for the environment. These reasons and other valid reasons are all a good indication of why metal recycling is simply a good thing today. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC to learn more about metal recycling throughout the state of Arizona.

Getting The Most Out Of Any Metal Recycling Project



Metal recycling has become a very popular pastime for many people across the country today. Typically recycling items that are no longer functional or no longer serviceable, metal recycling is a great way to make money and help save the planet. Because scrap metal is not biodegradable it is a great candidate for recycling. Separating metals and grouping like metals together can command a far better price when selling metal for scrap.


Always Take The Batteries Out Of A Scrap Automobile


Getting the most out of any metal recycling project simply means taking a few conscious steps to make the recycling process more efficient and more profitable. For example, always remove batteries from any metal items to make the recycling process far more streamlined. This is especially true when recycling a scrap automobile. Always take the battery out of a scrap automobile as a way to get more out of recycling. The catalytic converter should also be removed from a scrap automobile to ensure a more efficient recycling process.


A Lightweight Metal That Has A Reddish Color


Copper should also be isolated and sorted out from other pieces of metal. Copper is considered a lightweight metal that has a reddish color making it easily distinguishable. Copper typically occurs in metal wiring, copper tubing and copper tanks. Regardless of the type or copy you have it is important to group like-minded metals together when recycling. Aluminum is another metal that should be separated out. This lightweight metal has a distinct dull silver appearance. Soda cans and ladders as well as patio furniture all typically are composed of aluminum. Removing plastic pieces connected to aluminum metal can help further the recycling process.


Even Electric Motor Parks Can Be Recycled


Lead is another metal that should be carefully separated from other metals when considering recycling. Lead is often identified as a metal that is heavy, soft and exhibits a dull gray color. Brass fittings and other pieces made of brass can also be separated in order to achieve the greatest return on a recycling trip. Even electric motor parts can be recycled. From field windings to iron and steel as well as other pieces of an electric motor, recycling can result in a great payout and improved environmental conditions. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC today to learn more about scrap metal recycling in Arizona.

What Is Scrap Metal And What Is It Worth?


Many people often ask the question of what is scrap metal and what is it worth. In truth, scrap metal can be a wide variety of metals found in various industries, products and structures. Most importantly, scrap metal is considered quite valuable and well worth recycling as compared to being added to the national landfills. The value of scrap metal is dependent on the type of metal and the quality of the metal.


Aluminum Is Another Important Metal


Best of all, scrap metal can be sold by individuals, manufacturing plants, businesses, industrial plants and even used car lots. Scrapped automobiles are commonly processed and recycled and have real value in terms of the amount of metal that exists in a typical scrapped automobile. Aluminum is another important metal that has real and tangible value and that can easily be recycled. From aluminum cans to radiators as well as windows and doorframes, aluminum is an important metal that can routinely be sold. Stainless steel and scrap steel are also often typically sold on the open market.


Real Value In Terms Of Recycling


From galvanized sheet metal to demolition scrap and cast iron as well as farm equipment and virtually any other type of industrial steel, this type of metal has real value in terms of recycling. Equally important are the metals known as copper and brass. Copper pipes, copper tubing and copper wire as well as fixtures made of copper all have extraordinary value with regard to what they will command on the open scrap metal market. Even large motors, bicycles, lawnmowers and other items have value in the scrap metal market. One of the best ways to recycle scrap metal is to work with an experienced recycling company.


Save Valuable Resources Of The Planet


One recycling company in particular that has over half of a century of experience in metal recycling is Arizona Recycles LLC. The company has a long and impressive history of providing quality customer service for those looking to sell scrap metal. Arizona Recycles LLC helps individuals trying to sell scrap metal and is also helping to save the valuable resources for the planet. Best of all, Arizona Recycles LLC consistently pays above industry standard when it comes to a wide variety of scrap metals. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC today for Arizona scrap metal recycling.