How To Choose The Right Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Scrap metal recycling has grown to become one of the most popular ways to help the planet and make money at the same time. Most importantly, scrap metal recycling is easy and convenient thanks to a variety of businesses that have emerged over the years offering this unique service to both residential and commercial customers. Being able to recycle all types of metals in a convenient and easy way promotes the idea of this type of conservation. Saving valuable resources and taking part in the recycle movement is easier today than ever before.

Some Of The Best Prices In The Industry

One of the best ways to become actively involved in the preservation of precious valuable resources is to work with the right recycling company. While there are many companies located throughout the country and across Arizona, one company has consistently proven year after year to provide outstanding customer service and some of the best prices in the industry. Arizona Recycles LLC specializes in a full range of scrap metal related recycling services. The company boasts over half a century of hard-earned experience in the industry.

Always Standing By And Ready To Assist

Most importantly, Arizona Recycles LLC purchases a full range of scrap metal materials from individual sellers, experienced scrap metal dealers and a wide range of industrial clients. From automobile recycling to military recycling needs and even the needs of the US government when it comes to large quantity recycling, Arizona Recycles LLC is always standing by and ready to assist. With a quick turnaround time and some of the most impressive prices paid in the industry, this is one recycling expert that prides itself on total and complete customer satisfaction.

Mixed Brass And Plumbing Fixtures

From stainless steel to aluminum, copper and brass as well as a full range of other types of scrap metal, Arizona Recycles LLC is always standing ready to help customers achieve their recycling goals. Even odd pieces such as electric motors, lawnmowers, bicycles and demolition scrap are accepted. The possibilities are endless when residential and commercial customers turn to this industry leader. Mixed brass and plumbing fixtures as well as farm equipment and machinery are all routinely processed through this highly efficient recycling operation. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC today for the absolute best in Tucson recycling and Tucson scrap metal services that are simply beyond compare.

Commonsense Strategies With Regard To Scrap Metal Recycling

Natural resources are depleting at an ever-increasing rate today and that is why recycling is so incredibly important. With that said, there are a few commonsense strategies that can be implemented by individuals and businesses alike to make better use of existing resources. One case in particular is that of recycling scrap metal. There are a few simple and easy tips that can greatly increase the efficiency and profitability of recycling scrap metal.

Even Used Appliances And Can Be Recycled Today

For example, individuals and businesses alike can access a wide variety of scrap metal. From unwanted objects located around a business to surplus parts that plumbers and contractors often have lying around, scrap metal is more common than most people might imagine. Even used appliances can be recycled today. In fact, there is a wide variety of recyclable material found in every home and business across the country. The only concern is that scrap metal does not contain dangerous or hazardous materials or chemicals.

Choosing The Right Recycling Center

Best of all, today’s modern scrap metal recycling centers offer businesses and individuals a great opportunity to turn what would otherwise be useless metal into cold hard cash. While the price varies from recycling center to recycling center, one thing is certain and that is that choosing the right recycling center can make all the difference. Another important concern with regard to choosing the right recycling center is that different recycling centers accept different types of scrap metal. Ensuring that you work with the right scrap metal recycling center that pays top dollar and accepts the greatest variety of scrap metal is always a good option.

Abrasions And Infections

Finally, one commonsense strategy that should never be overlooked when it comes to dealing in scrap metal is that it can pose a substantial safety risk for those handling this type of material. From sharp jagged edges to rusty components, getting cuts, abrasions and infections can be common if scrap metal is not properly handle. Wearing protective eyewear, heavy-duty clothing and thick gloves is always the best approach when working with scrap metal. Most importantly, those handling scrap metal should always wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water. This can remove everything from rust to residual chemicals. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC today to learn more about recycling metal and Arizona.

The Specifics Of Metal Recycling

When you think of recycling you probably think of those blue or green recycling cans that sit outside of homes on garbage day, right next to their cousin, the standard garbage can. You probably think of paper goods. You can recycle paper cups, plates, napkins, paper towels, the list goes on. You also probably know about recycling aluminum, items like coke or beer cans. Did you know you can also recycle almost any type of metal?

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is the term given to the metal remnants of manufacturing or consumption. It makes sense that large scale manufacturing would produces a large amount of otherwise unusable metal. Consumption produces a lot of scrap metal as well! Old car eventually run down to the point when they are otherwise useless. Old kitchen appliances eventually see their long lives come to an end. The spark of life leaves every electrical appliance one day. Their LEDs illuminate for one last time, and they die. The usefulness of these items does not have to end here. They can find second life through recycling!

Making a Profit

If you have some of the previously listed items sitting around your house, don’t throw them away! Recycling companies, like Arizona Recycles, will pay a premium price to take these items off of your hands. They will make sure nothing goes to waste. The items will be recycled, and put to use in future manufacturing!
Environmental Benefits
Studies on the environmental benefits of recycling have returned some extraordinary results. The use of recycled metals over fresh metals shows a 75% savings in total energy used. Further, it reduces the total amount of air pollution generated by over 86%. It also reduces mining waste, lessens raw material use, and saves money. Clearly, scrap metal recycling benefits everyone! Take your scrap metal to Arizona Recycles and feel good about doing your part!

Automobile Recycling

Disposing of a car can be a difficult task. If you have an old, broken down, junked up beater car, it may be difficult to sell. Frankly, it might not even be worth it. There are a few convenient alternatives to selling your car. Recycling companies like Arizona Recycles can buy old cars and recycle them for scrap metal!

Proving Ownership

The first thing you need to do when you are planning on selling a car for scrap metal, is to dig out the signed, notarized title. You would need the title anyway if you were planning on selling the car, so you should have it handy. You will also have to prove that there are no liens being held for your car. Once those minor steps are taken, you will be ready to sell your old car for scrap!

The Next Steps To Take

Find out what condition the car needs to be in when it is given to the scrapyard or recycling company. Sometimes you will need to drain the fluids from the car and empty the gas tank. Other companies may ask you to remove all glass from the car. Don’t forget to remove all of your personal belongings as well. There isn’t going to be much left of your car after is goes through the recycling process. What you leave inside isn’t going to be coming back. Make sure you inflate the car’s tires so it can be easily transported to the recycling location.

Time To Pay Out

Typically recycling companies are going to pay based on a cost per hundred pounds. This means that heavier cars are going to be worth more. A massive Ford F 250 has more metal in its frame than a diminutive Honda Civic. You may also be able to negotiate more money for the sale of items like batteries or electrical engines which cannot be recycled for scrap metal.

How To Rid Your Home Of Unwanted Scrap Metal

More people today than ever before are discovering the value of cleaning out their home of unwanted or unneeded scrap metal. Best of all, removing this type of material from around the home can actually be a great way to generate additional cash. From old and unused appliances to scrap cars and even sinks, the possibilities are endless with regard to what may be available around a typical home in terms of scrap metal.

Substantial Quantity Of Scrap Metal

Even going through a garage or basement and eliminating old and unused items such as bicycles, storage racks and old wiring can amount to a substantial quantity of scrap metal. Best of all, by working with the right recycling company it is easy to convert these unused items into cold hard cash. Another great advantage of choosing to go through an entire home and eliminate unwanted scrap metal is that it is beneficial to the environment.

Extract Raw Resources From The Earth

Simply put, by contributing to the overall supply of metal resources in the system, homeowners are making available more metal that can be used in industry and manufacturing. This is important because it means that fewer resources will be used to extract raw resources from the earth. Limiting the amount of energy needed to extract raw materials from the earth reduces pollution and reduces the use of fossil fuels. These are all good reasons to consider cleaning out your entire home of any unwanted or un-need scrap metal.

Helping The Environment And Generating Extra Cash

While the residents of Tucson have many choices when it comes to metal recycling and scrap metal buyers, one company has outpaced the competition year after year in this regard. Arizona Recycles is a reliable and dependable source for the best in scrap metal buying throughout the greater Tucson area and the surrounding communities. The company has scrap metal buyers on site and is known for paying top dollar for a wide array of scrap metal materials. Helping the environment and generating extra cash has never been easier in the Tucson area thanks to the professionals of Arizona Recycles. Quick service and professionalism and more than 50 years in the industry lets everyone know that they have chosen the best scrap metal buyer in Arizona. Contact Arizona Recycles today to learn more.

Ways Of Generating Extra Cash When Remodeling A Home

Everyone enjoys the idea remodeling or renovating a home in order to improve an overall living environment. In fact, a growing number of people around the country are turning to remodeling and renovating as opposed to selling a home or buying a larger and more expensive property. That said there are some ways to generate additional unexpected income when remodeling or renovating. This is best accomplished through recycling all types of scrap metal and other materials that result from a renovation project.

Accumulate And Separate Items That Are Suitable For Recycling

From old sinks to wiring and old appliances, there are many ways to turn unused items found in a typical renovation project into cash. Homeowners who are doing a renovation project on their own will find it quite easy to accumulate and separate items that are suitable for recycling. Conversely, those who are working with a contractor in a remodel or renovation project should coordinate with the contractor to ensure that all recyclable material is saved and set aside.

Garnered From A Typical Remodeling Renovation Project

It is important to let all contractors working on your home know that you desire to recycle everything that can be recycled. A surprisingly large amount of scrap metal can be garnered from a typical remodeling or renovation project. Letting these items go to waste is not only bad for the environment but it can cost homeowners money that could have otherwise been recouped. Remodeling and renovating can be very expensive today and that is why it is so important to make full use of the cash that is available in the recycling process. Those living in Tucson and the surrounding communities throughout Arizona have many choices when it comes to Tucson metal recycling companies.

Saving Valuable Resources And Reducing Pollution

One company that has stood the test of time when it comes to paying top dollar for scrap metal is Arizona Recycles. With more than five decades in the business, Arizona Recycles delivers quality service to those who expect to be paid the most for scrap metal. Saving valuable resources and reducing pollution can sometimes be as easy as generating additional cash by selling scrap metal when doing a renovation project. Contact Arizona Recycles today to learn more about a company that delivers 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to Tucson scrap metal recycling.

Recycling Scrap Metal to Make Money

It should surprise no one to learn that scrap metal can be recycled for cash payments at local scrap yards around the county, adding to the green movement. Scrap metal offers individuals a chance to reclaim a bit of cash while helping our mighty mother in the process. Although scrap metal is typically found on construction sites, valuable scrap metal can also be found around the home. Below is an important concept to grasp when identifying what type of metal you have readily available.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are basically magnetic. Unfortunately these types of metals are less valuable. Ferrous metals are common. Run a magnet over unidentified metals, and if it attaches itself to the material, then you most likely have steal or iron.

Non-Ferrous Metals

If you run a magnet over a non-ferrous metal, the magnet will not attach itself. This is a good thing given that non-ferrous metals are far more valuable. Common non-ferrous metals include copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and bronze. Bring these by AZ Recycles in order to secure the money you deserve. It is always advisable to have some notion of what metal you are attempting to recycle, although at AZ Recycles we run a fair business and will always tell our customers what they have and give them a fair price. Other scrap yards are less scrupulous.

Every Day Is Earth Day

Everyone can do their part to save our might mother. Indeed, the advancement of technology has allowed us to adorn our earth with satellites capable of connecting people on other sides of Earth’s hemispheres. We now have the internet, a giant elaborate web of information that is held together by a magnificent amount of electrical impulses. It should be no surprise that advancements in sustainability have followed suit. But a few simple tips can help preserve the earth and make everyday earth day.

Cleaning Products in the Home

Take a look at the labels of your cleaning products. Are the words danger, toxic, or poisonous riddled on your product labels? If so, there is a good chance that those products are deleterious to the environment. But by purchasing environmentally cleaning products available at almost every supermarket, an individual can completely avoid this shortcoming.

Less is More

This maxim generally applies when hitting the club on a hot summer night. But, it also applies when your cleaning your home and you hope to environmentally conscious. Most cleaning products work highly effective in low doses. There’s no need to overdo it and waste the product while emitting dangerous irritants into the atmosphere.

Keeping Conscious

But the most important effort one can make is to simply remain mindful of the impact they have on the environment. Don’t litter, recycle, and respect the beauty of nature and all should be well on this here rock called earth.

Turning your Laptop to Scrap Metal

If you have an old laptop PC that no longer functions, destroying that laptop or selling it at a pawn shop may not be the best option. You can definitely get more bang for your buck by taking your laptop apart and turning its various parts into scrap metal. If you have extra time on your hand, you may even consider browsing E-bay and running a miniature scrap operation of your own. For within your laptop is literally a gold mind.

Copper and Aluminum

Copper and aluminum can be found in several places within your PC. Your LCD screen has Copper and Aluminum sheeting in it; hard drives are teeming with copper and aluminum, and some even contain Palladium. Sometimes it can even be difficult to separate precious metal from useless metal. For more information and on scraping your laptop click here.

Panning for Gold

Gold is probably the most abundant precious metal within a laptop other than copper. Basically, it conducts just as fast as copper while remaining almost indestructible—silver and copper generally don’t last long. Gold can be found in the following areas of the computer: RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Battery Connector, Mini PCI Wireless Card, Antennas. Gold will be the easiest precious metal to find because it will stand out against the green back drop within the computers components.

Reach out to us at Arizona Recycles

If you’re unsure just exactly what you minded from your computer, then feel free to come by Arizona Recycles and we’ll help you determine what you’ve got. The beauty of our vocation is that we get to conserve mother earth’s precious resources while making a bit of money in the process. To learn more about Arizona recycles please click here.

Determining Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal prices are ultimately determined by four criteria: type, geographical location, quantity, and market trends. There is additional criteria to consider within the four categories mentioned above. For instance, quality comes into play when dealing with the various type of scrap metal. But speaking generally, you should be able to avoid getting burnt if you keep these simple criteria in mind.


There’re are a myriad of different scrap metal types. But Copper, Lead, and Stainless Steel, are the most common scrap metal types one will encounter. Within these categories, various subcategories will contribute to the prices the scrap metal sells for, and these sub categories will vary depending on the scrap yard. For instance, one scrap yard may categorize your copper as bright scrap copper which sells for more, and another may consider that same piece of scrap metal copper #1—which sells for much less.

Geographic Location

Geographic location tends to be important for determining price when dealing with any good or service. When it comes to scrap metal, more competition usually yields higher prices. Typically, rural areas far from refineries will yield the lowest prices, and areas close to refineries and cities will tend to produce the highest prices.

Quantity of Scrap Metal

Again this is a general concept of economics. You will tend to receive less per lb of scrap metal the more you try to sell. To make the concept simple, think about buying in bulk. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to store your scrap metal, and sell it slowly over time in increments that will maximize your profit.

Market Prices

Refineries will play a big role in determining how much you receive for scrap metal. If copper is in high demand at the moment the price per pound may spike. Again, storing inventory and selling it at the right time, when the market is paying the most is one of the surest ways to maximize profit.