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Oxford Students Push for an Environmentally Conscious Portfolio

At Britain’s legendary Oxford College, students and administrators have rallied against a delay in administrative decision making. That delay is a landmark decision that would result in millions worth of divestment in fossil fuel producing companies. Oxford’s administration has been deliberating about divesting their capital in fossil fuel companies, and reallocating those funds to low […]

Kerry Prepared to Speak at UN Climate Conference

Many consider John Kerry, Secretary of State, to be America’s guardian of the environment. He recently released this statement in March: “Climate change is one of the top challenges facing our world today.” Scientist predict that our earth is progressively heating up as a result of human exacerbation. At Arizona Recycles’ we support Kerry’s affirmation, […]

Going Green with Arizona Recycles

Arizona Recycles understands that in a global economy, a global environmental policy is essential for business sustainability. We are all in this together. Although Arizona Recycles primarily services the city of Tucson’s needs, we understand that our recycling solutions affects people everywhere, present and future. During the time it takes to read a single sentence, […]

Metal Recycling 101

In 2008, 23% of all steel was recycled in the United States, amounting to 60 million metric tons! At Arizona Recycles, we are overjoyed to hear this statistic, given that we contributed to this impressive recycling effort. Conserving the environment has always been a goal since the genesis of Arizona Recycles. Metal recycling provides a […]

Basic Home Metal Recycling Tips

Homeowners are recycling more items than ever before in today’s environmentally conscious world. From electronic goods to plastics and paper as well as light bulbs and virtually any other type of material imaginable, recycling is the new standard. In order to reduce trash and improve the environment homeowners are recycling copper, steel and aluminum on […]

Every Day Tips For Recycling A Wide Variety Of Metals

Recycling metal has become all the rage today is more and more people look for ways to help the environment and make money at the same time. With a little bit of effort, virtually anyone can make money by recycling many of the common metal items found around the home. From old cars to metal […]

How Recycling Benefits Everyone In Today’s World

Recycling is a popular and important trend that simply cannot be overlooked in today’s modern world. In the simplest of terms, recycling allows everyone on a global scale to enjoy a better quality of life. Recycling is better for the earth and a smarter use of resources. Conservation along with the reduction of consumption of […]

Why Metal Recycling Makes Such Good Sense

  Metal recycling has been around for a long time, however many people today may not know the importance of this essential service offered by a variety of recycling companies. For example, metal recycling effectively recovers thousands of tons of various types of metals across the country each and every year. This is an important […]

Getting The Most Out Of Any Metal Recycling Project

    Metal recycling has become a very popular pastime for many people across the country today. Typically recycling items that are no longer functional or no longer serviceable, metal recycling is a great way to make money and help save the planet. Because scrap metal is not biodegradable it is a great candidate for […]

What Is Scrap Metal And What Is It Worth?

  Many people often ask the question of what is scrap metal and what is it worth. In truth, scrap metal can be a wide variety of metals found in various industries, products and structures. Most importantly, scrap metal is considered quite valuable and well worth recycling as compared to being added to the national […]