4 Important Items to Recycle

Did you know that America is the most wasteful nation in the entire world? That probably does not come as a surprise. What may come as a surprise, is that we actually lead the world in this category by quite a wide margin. Not something to be proud of. Luckily, this is slowly beginning to change. It is estimated that 100 million American currently participate in recycling. Let’s look at 4 of the most important items you should be recycling.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum cans are 100 percent recyclable, which means that they can be recycled over and over and over again. The aluminum will never wear away. Theoretically, we may never need to produce entirely new aluminum cans ever again. What makes this even more important, is that recycling aluminum cans requires 95 percent less energy than making new ones. Next time you drink a soda, remember to recycle that aluminum can!

2. Newspaper

Newspaper actually topped this list at one point in time, but it is slowly falling as fewer and fewer newspapers are printed each year. Recycling paper saves energy and natural resources. It also keeps us from clogging landfills as paper waste has been noted to account for nearly 30 percent of all solid waste.

3. Plastic Bottles

As quickly as newspaper is falling off this list, plastic bottles are rising up it. Plastic bottle use is at an all-time high. It is estimate that Americans use over 25 billion plastic water bottles every year. Cutting this by even 10 percent would be a massive improvement.

4. Cardboard

Just think about how many packages are shipped across the nation every day. Each of these packages probably comes in a cardboard box. Do you part by breaking down and recycling the next cardboard box you receive in the mail. The planet will thank you.