The Endlessly Recyclable Metal

When we think of aluminum, soda cans and foil comes to mind. It is one of the most used man-made materials by human beings aside from plastic bags. Unlike plastic bags though, aluminum is not especially damaging to the planet and can actually help the environment when recycled. One hundred billion aluminum cans alone are sold in the United States each year, though less than half are ever recycled. Aluminum is one of the easiest metals to recycle, so you might want to alter your trash disposing habits.

Aluminum can be recycled countless times. This makes it the most sustainable metal and the most efficient. Did you know if you toss your empty cans into the recycling bin, that same aluminum can be back on the shelf in just sixty days with no loss of material? When you recycle aluminum you save ninety to ninety-five percent of the energy it takes to make aluminum fresh from bauxite ore. Creating new aluminum from material already existing saves a lot of effort and resources, so why not? When you send aluminum to landfills you are simply wasting energy. Having to use bauxite ore for fresh aluminum could also power enough energy for an eleven hour battery life on your laptop, for example.

Failing to recycle aluminum means more aluminum creation. This pollutes greenhouse gases into the ecosystem up to 14.1%. It only proves how simple and conserving recycling is. Check into your community’s recycling programs to see if there is anything you could be currently taking part in. Or come stop by Arizona Recycles in Tucson, we take all forms of aluminum wether its in cans, frames, or mixed with other metals. Help us keep earth’s atmosphere as clean as possible!