Tips And Tricks For Sorting A Wide Variety Of Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal is a profitable and eco-friendly activity that more individuals and businesses are becoming involved in today. Scrap metal is typically generated by the disposal of a wide variety of materials that are no longer usable. From products used in the manufacturing process to excess material resulting from fabrication work, scrap metal is commonly found in many industries and is perfectly suited for recycling.

Remove Both The Battery And The Catalytic Converter

One of the keys to gaining the most from any scrap metal recycling venture is to separate metals as much as is feasible to gain a better price when selling this type of material. One common strategy for achieving the best results when recycling scrap metal is to simply take the batteries out of junk automobiles or vehicles. This helps to ensure that a car will be viewed as a whole assembly when being sold to a recycling center. The same holds true with regard to an automobile’s catalytic converter. It is important to remove both the battery and the catalytic converter when recycling an automobile.

Ferrous Or Magnetic Metals

Another key consideration with regard to recycling metal is to always be sure that ferrous and nonferrous metals are separated. Recycling centers treat ferrous and nonferrous metals differently. Ensure that ferrous or magnetic metals are conveniently separated from nonferrous metals. Stainless steel is another important metal in the sorting process that should always be considered. Separate stainless steel pieces from other types of metal to ensure a more efficient and profitable recycling process.

Aluminum Should Be Sorted

Copper should also be carefully sorted out when recycling metals. Reddish in color and relatively lightweight, copper comes in a variety of grades. Talk with your recycling center to learn more about isolating the various types of copper commonly found today. In addition, soda cans are typically composed of aluminum that is a lightweight metal. Lawn furniture and other types of similar items are also typically made of aluminum. Aluminum should be sorted accordingly to gain the most when recycling. Equally important is to separate lead and other types of metals during the recycling process. Finally, brass, bronze and electric motor parts should also be organized and set apart to achieve the greatest results with regard to recycling scrap metal. Contact Arizona Recycles LLC today for the best and Arizona scrap metal recycling services.